Download of this application

Docker Image

Docker composed container of this application has been already prepared. If you felt annoying when you use this application via our server, running composed containers and executing analysis is better for you.
- Docker installation :
- Docker-compose installation :

We have confirmed that the docker image works in the following environment.

. OS version docker docker-compose
macOS macOS Mojave 10.14.6 x86_64 20.10.7 1.29.2
Linux Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS x86_64 20.10.8 1.17.1
for macOS
% cd docker
% export LOCAL_HOST_IP=$(/sbin/ifconfig en0 | awk '/inet / { print $2 }') # or export LOCAL_HOST_IP=(Your Private IP Address)
% docker-compose up -d
for Linux
% cd docker
% export DEV_ETHER=$(/sbin/route | grep default | awk '{print $8}')
% export LOCAL_HOST_IP=$(/sbin/ifconfig $DEV_ETHER | awk '/inet / { print $2 }') # or export LOCAL_HOST_IP=(Your Private IP Address)
% unset DEV_ETHER
% sudo LOCAL_HOST_IP=$LOCAL_HOST_IP docker-compose up -d

Then you can execute analysis using your favorite browser with the URL of "http://localhost/SBMLWebApp/"
When you want to finish it, please type docker-compose down.

GitHub Repository

You can also directly download all of the code from GitHub Repository . When you want to build it on your computer, Apache Maven is required (in the test setting, version 3.5.0 was used and the codes can be stably built).

% git clone --recursive
% cd SBMLWebApp
% mvn package